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We can't offer you facemasks or disinfectant ...

... but my team and I can provide - and especially now - quick and effective help in communicating with COVID-19-patients abroad in more than 52 languages to medical doctors, health-care staff, pharmacies, pharmaceutical industry, medical technology and many more.

Team Internationaler Sprachenservice

From the beginning we have kept a special focus upon medical, medical technology and pharmaceutical industry. Among our customers are Universitätsklinikum Augsburg, Bayerisches Rotes Kreuz, CIM med GmbH, i-Punkt Apotheke, Betapharm Arzneimittel GmbH, Glenmark Arzneimittel GmbH and many more.

Our first-class translation services ensure you quick and objective oriented support:

  • in medical reports and doctor’s letters for COVID-19-Patients from foreign countries
  • in verbal communication with foreign COVID-19-Patients
  • in exchange with physicians in different countries
  • in telephone calls
  • in video conferences
  • in translating hygiene regulations and general conduct
  • in translations of important documents requiring notarization or certification
  • in translation of contracts / descriptions and manuals for medical supplies and technology

Certified documents are exclusively sent by mail / courier. These must not be collected in person to reduce the risk of potential infection.

In this situation of crisis we are also gladly available outside of our usual office hours.

Internationaler Sprachenservice